About Us

Welcome to the world of Play Dot Apparel! The London street wear scene is thoroughly encapsulated through the Play Dot Movement.

Play Dot was founded by South London boys Kwasi Boateng and Kenny Annan-Jonathan. Their passion for fashion eventually came to life in December 2007. Their aim was to create a brand which reflected how you felt through your clothes. The founders developed various ranges from the (whose king?) range and urbanised animals range to the swagger hand range. However the original aim did not feel like it was being met.

Until early 2009 when the ‘Skitz’ range was developed. The name skitz is derived from the slang term ‘skitso’. When growing up people would be called ‘skits or skitso’ if they would suddenly switch mood or personality.

As you can see the ‘skits’ character has many moods and personalities, each face represents a different mood. People choose the skits face that best describes their mood or personality. We all have changing moods/personalities so our clothing is very versatile as a result. Play Dot pride themselves in pioneering the interactive clothing wave, allowing our customers to change skitz face according to mood. Dress how you feel!!

Play Dot continues to grow from strength to strength with an increased portfolio of products and diverse colour ways. Check out the blog to keep up to date with the wonderful world of Play Dot.

‘Interactive clothing…dress how you feel’