Written by Daniel Campbel

April 20th, 2017 in Fashion, Lifestyle

Fashion is an ever-changing landscape spurred on by our quest for confidence. Fuelled by vision our most dominant sense, we all have a desire to find what is aesthetically pleasing while staying within the boundaries of social acceptance.


So what does that mean for those of us that dare to be different? Just as the writer, painter or designer uses their art form as a means of self-expression, the clothing choices we make on a daily basis communicate our personality and often our mood to the outside world.


Studies show that people who take pride in their attire and have the ‘swagger’ to prove it will benefit from enhanced levels of confidence, which in turn can lead to higher levels of success in their chosen field. So I guess the next question is, do we have to fit into the socially accepted norms of a given fashion season in order to harness these additional benefits or can you simply dress how you feel?


Well… A yes or no answer would do no justice. Instead I will highlight the fact that the ability to express oneself comes with its own confidence boosting effect. Fashion is our personal stamp that we can use to show or hide our personality from those around us. I am not advocating that we ditch the ever swinging tide of retro and futuristic clothing choices in favour of a total reliance on our own perception of what good fashion is, rather I am saying that just like the addition of a New Era cap to an otherwise smart casual outfit can add a touch of urban flair to your outfit, adding your personal stamp to your clothing choice can help you to ‘own your look’.


So I guess the real question shouldn’t be should I dress how I feel? But rather, what will I do with my personal stamp and further, how will your stamp represent you?