“Stick to It”: A Documentary Series Exploring Street Culture’s Obsession With Stickers

Written by Kenny

May 5th, 2017 in Fashion, Lifestyle

Juxtapoz recently launched a new documentary series called “Stick It” that delves into the history of stickers in the realm of street culture. The series—directed by Alexis Deforges and produced by Jakprints and Wallplay—is split into four parts and features acclaimed artists, musicians, athletes and sticker aficionados from all across the globe. More precisely, “the 4-part series is an intimate and historically documentary on the growth of sticker culture, a part of Juxtapoz’s history that is as tied in as zines and comic book cultures,” Juxtapoz reported. Wallplay Co-Founder Alessandra De Benedett added: “Stickers tap into that same collective consciousness that defines internet culture.”

Watch the first episode above which stars Shepard Fairey, Marc Ecko, Chris RWK, Royce Banon, CJ Ramon, El Toro, Eric Haze, 14 bolt and film director Eli Morgan Gesner.